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Marketing Coordinator
Adrina is an exceptional marketing professional, entrepreneur, and visionary with a strong background in business management, Marketing, and Design. Her entrepreneurial journey, including building a successful swimwear line, has refined her innate design abilities and cultivated her distinctive sense of aesthetics. Adrina's visionary approach to marketing, combined with her strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, allows her to develop groundbreaking campaigns that drive growth and success.
As the Chief Marketing Coordinator at The Adamo Group, Adrina leverages her unique qualities and keen eye for design to create captivating marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. Her passion for real estate, fostered by her family's involvement in the industry, is further amplified by the opportunity to work alongside her husband. Adrina's dedication, creativity, and leadership make her an invaluable asset to The Adamo Group and the real estate industry as a whole. Adrina's insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn ensure that she is always at the forefront of marketing trends and techniques.
With a bright future ahead at The Adamo Group, Adrina is dedicated to pushing boundaries and making a lasting impact on the real estate industry through her visionary marketing strategies.

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